Camping and River rafting in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Camp offers a one-stop camping spot for adventurers. A wide selection of camping will meet your needs, such as luxury camps, riverside camps, beach camps, and camping in the forest. Camping in Rishikesh includes staying in a camp that offers food and snacks, bonfires, and bonfires. Entertainment and other activities to enjoy an adventure. The cost for a night and two nights of camp within Rishikesh is as low as Rs. 999 per person. It can be different following the amenities campsites offer.

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Rishikesh Camp

Best Camps in Rishikesh

The range of camping possibilities in Rishikesh is endless. To be an active participant and enjoy nature, Rishikesh Camp offers some amazing campsites that allow you to be awed by nature at its highest. From gorgeous beach camps to luxurious luxury campsites in the mountains, these are the top campsites in Rishikesh.

Mountain View Camp in Rishikesh


If you want to camp in Rishikesh, the high-end Swiss tent should be at the top of the list! It is a perfect camping spot for those who are into adventure. With an inventory of 26 units that include 18 luxurious Swiss tents and 8 rooms that are cemented, This Campsite features the best pool, and premium services, along with mountain views tents that provide memorable stays.

Price Starting @ Rs 1200 per person

Why Choose This Campsite?
  • Swimming pool, personal Washroom
  • Activities that are paid nearby(rafting giant-swing, skycycle, gigantic bungee course rope courses, and more. )
  • Parking is free near this Campsite.
  • Only 10m away from Road (Easily available)
  • The panorama of the valleys and mountains is spectacular.

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Luxury River View Camp


The sounds of the roaring Ganga river and the stunning mountain views make your stay at this luxury camping site more unforgettable. You'll enjoy an amazing Ganga River view from this Campsite situated just 250 meters away from the River Ganges. It is necessary to park your vehicle along the roadside and walk up 100m to reach the Campsite.

Price Starting @ Rs 1500 per person

Why Choose This Campsite?
  • Camping facilities with washrooms attached
  • Swimming pool at the Campsite
  • Coolers, backup power, and a 24-hour power supply
  • Services and Food
  • Ganga View of the River from the Campsite

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Best Camp in Rishikesh


It is situated along the Ganga River. This camping campsite is eco-friendly, with a stunning location in Rishikesh. The beach camp has become a well-known tourist destination for those seeking to camp in nature, specifically in the forests or near the river.

Price Starting @ 1100 per person.

Why Choose This Campsite?
  • Camps Near Ganga Bank
  • The Bodysurfing scene in Ganga wearing Life Jackets
  • Ganga River View From Camp
  • Just 20m from the Road
  • White Sand Beach Nearby

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Swiss Camps in Rishikesh Shivpuri


It is the cheapest luxurious Campsite in Rishikesh and is equipped with the latest facilities in the camp like air coolers, an attached Washroom and more. With a spacious Swiss camp and a large swiss camp, the Campsite includes a playground area, bonfires, a dining hall, and a range of thrilling indoor and outdoor games.

Price starting @ Rs 1300 per person

Why Choose This Campsite?
  • Camps with attached washrooms
  • Air-Coolers & Electricity in Camp
  • Camp is just 20m from the Road.
  • Good Quality of Food & Service
  • Ganga River & Beach Nearby (200 meters)
  • Swimming Pool at Campsite.

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Luxury Forest Camping in Rishikesh


With views of the magnificent Himalayan mountains and a beautifully manicured private garden, this luxury camping site in Rishikesh offers Swiss tents of the highest quality to satisfy those looking to live life to the fullest. Guests can unwind on the spacious lawn as well as the pool. This luxurious camp boasts one of the largest camping areas in Shivpuri.

Price Starting @ 1500 per person

Why Choose This Campsite?
  • Camps with attached washrooms
  • The parking lot that is private on the Campsite
  • Air-coolers & 24-Hour Power Backup
  • Good Quality of Food & Service
  • Clean & Big Swimming Pool
  • View - Forest, Mountains & Valley

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Luxury Cottages in Rishikesh Shivpuri


Set on top of stunning mountains, the cottages in Rishikesh provide an experience similar to luxurious camping. Luxury Swiss Camp is an ideal option for cottages since they have essential amenities, like electric power and a separate bathroom.

Price Starting @ Rs 1500 per person

Why Choose This Campsite?
  • Cottages that have a washroom attached
  • 250-meter hike uphill starting from the Road.
  • Air-coolers & 24-Hour Power Backup
  • Ganga River is 500 meters away from Cottages
  • Swimming Pool

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How To Book Camping in Rishikesh

It's easy to reserve camp packages for Rishikesh. The most important thing to consider when making your reservations for your camping vacation to Rishikesh is to confirm the information before booking any camping spot.

  • Distance to Park/Road from Camp.
  • Road Type (Single Lane Road or Highway)
  • Distance to Badrinath Highway on Single lane road?
  • Parking (Roadside or at Camp Premises)
  • The distance From the River.
  • River type (Ganga or Small Stream)
  • Washroom Type: Attached or Common
  • Contact us via WhatsApp by dialing 9045664005 to resolve any questions or doubts regarding your Rishikesh camping trip.
  • We require you to be able to provide us with the information from the initial service provider, like your total amount of persons (adults as well as children) and the time for checCheck-outCheck and the location you'd like to visit, and any other special requirements.
  • Our team will then provide you with details about the camp and an estimate for reservations for Rishikesh camping reservation.
  • To confirm the booking for confirmation, 40 percent of the total cost must be paid prior. If submitting an advance deposit, guests are required to provide an image of the amount paid, the booking's name, and a second contact number.
  • Once you've received your reservation confirmation, you'll receive an email confirming the details of your reservation on WhatsApp that will contain your reservation information, contact details for the management of the camp, and real-time directions for your Campsite.

Also explore some best options for camping in Rishikesh: Luxury Camps in Rishikesh, Ganga Beach Camping, Riverside Camps in Rishikesh


Camping in Rishikesh near Ganga

Rishikesh is a popular destination for camping, and there are many campsites located near the Ganges River. Some popular options for camping in Rishikesh include:

  • Ganga Beach Camp Rishikesh: This campsite is located on the banks of the Ganges and offers tents with attached bathrooms, bonfire facilities, and a variety of adventure activities.

  • Shivpuri Adventure Camp: This campsite is located in the Shivpuri area of Rishikesh and offers a variety of adventure activities such as rafting, kayaking, and rock climbing. The campsite also has a restaurant and bonfire facilities.

  • Ganges Riverside Camp: This campsite is located on the banks of the Ganges and offers a variety of accommodation options including tents, huts, and cottages. The campsite also has a restaurant and a variety of adventure activities.

  • Camp Wildex: Located in the Rajaji National Park, this campsite offers a variety of accommodation options including tents, huts, and cottages. The campsite also has a restaurant and a variety of adventure activities.

When camping in Rishikesh, it's important to follow Leave No Trace principles to help preserve the natural beauty of the area. This includes respecting wildlife and plant life, properly disposing of trash, and minimizing your impact on the environment.


Camping in Rishikesh: A Nature Lover's Paradise

Go no further than the prestigious location of Rishikesh for the adventurous traveller seeking solace from the frenetic bustle of metropolitan life. Rishikesh, a charming city in India's northern region of Uttarakhand, is hailed as the "Actual Capital of Yoga in the World."

Rishikesh, which is tucked away in the Himalayan foothills, is surrounded by a spectacular array of unaltered natural splendour. It's hardly surprising that camping in Rishikesh has become a more popular activity among lovers of the great outdoors given the area's pristine rivers, lush woods, and breathtaking peaks.

Camping at Rishikesh is an excellent way to unwind and connect with nature. The city offers many camping options, from luxury tents to budget-friendly options.

The Ganges River's banks or the nearby forested areas are frequent locations for the campers.
The serene surroundings and the sounds of the flowing river make for a peaceful and relaxing stay.

Camping in Rishikesh offers many outdoor activities that cater to adventure seekers. You can go trekking, mountain biking, river rafting, and more. Rishikesh is also famous for its yoga and meditation retreats.

You can enroll in a yoga program, learn from experienced instructors, and practice mindfulness in peaceful surroundings.

Rishikesh is an excellent destination for camping enthusiasts who want to explore the area's natural beauty. The city is surrounded by beautiful hills and offers stunning views of the Himalayan mountain range.
The best time to visit Rishikesh for camping is from March to June and September to November when the weather is pleasant and the skies are clear.

Rishikesh is the place to go if you want a distinctive camping adventure.
The city offers a variety of camping options, from luxury tents to budget-friendly options. You can also indulge in adventure activities, explore the city's vibrant culture and heritage, and enjoy the delicious local cuisine. Rishikesh is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves camping and the great outdoors.

Choosing the right camping site is essential if you're planning a camping trip to Rishikesh. Google My Business is an excellent resource for finding the best camping sites in Rishikesh. With Google My Business, you can read reviews from other campers, check the facilities available, and get directions to the campsite. So, what are you waiting for? Book your camping trip to Rishikesh today and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area.

Camping Options in Rishikesh

Different camping options are available in Rishikesh: Luxury tents, budget-friendly options, and more.

Rishikesh is a city in Uttarakhand, India that is renowned for its spiritual significance, natural beauty, and adventurous pursuits.
With an array of options, camping in Rishikesh is an adventure like no other.

Are you looking for a camping experience that oozes luxury and comfort? Look no further than the luxurious tents, where you can experience camping in style! These tents have modern amenities such as air conditioning, comfortable beds, attached bathrooms, and more. The cherry on the cake? The campsites are perched on the banks of the holy Ganges River, allowing you to revel in a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

If you're on a budget, fear not, as budget-friendly tents are also available! These tents provide basic amenities like mattresses, sleeping bags, and shared bathrooms. Nestled amidst the serene and peaceful forested campsites, you can enjoy the soothing sounds of nature.

For those who love the sound of flowing water, riverside camping is a popular option.
The campsites offer a breathtaking view of the Ganges River and the surrounding mountains because they are situated along its banks.
Dip in the holy waters, indulge in river rafting or bask in the picturesque views.

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Then jungle camping is the perfect choice for you! These campsites are nestled in forested areas, providing a tranquil environment to immerse yourself in nature. You can indulge in activities like trekking, bird watching, and more while soaking up the beauty of the wilderness.

A unique experience offered by a few campsites in Rishikesh is beach camping. These campsites are located on the banks of a river where the river forms a beach. Get active with beach volleyball or unwind around the bonfire, listening to the sound of the flowing water.

Location and Surroundings

Overview of Rishikesh's location and natural surroundings

Mountains, rivers, forests, and more

Outdoor Activities

Various outdoor activities available for camping enthusiasts

Trekking, mountain biking, river rafting, and more

For the adrenaline junkies out there, adventure camping is a perfect choice. The campsites are usually located near adventure sports centers, where you can indulge in bungee jumping, zip-lining, and more.

The best solution for you will rely on your tastes and financial constraints given the abundance of options. You can conduct online research, read reviews, and select the one that best suits you.

Yoga and Meditation

Rishikesh's reputation as the Yoga Capital of the World Yoga and meditation retreats available for campers

Being the "Yoga Capitol of the World," Rishikesh is a refuge for devotees of the practise.

You can choose from various options, such as yoga retreats, centers, ashrams, drop-in classes, and yoga festivals. These programs provide an immersive experience, including daily yoga and meditation classes, healthy meals, and accommodation, perfect for deepening your yoga practice, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

In conclusion, Rishikesh offers many options to explore and indulge. From camping amidst serene surroundings to deepening your yoga practice, there's something for everyone.
So be ready for a unique journey by packing your bags and setting your compass!


Best Time to Visit The ideal time of the year to plan a camping trip to Rishikesh


Unique Experience

What makes camping in Rishikesh a unique experience

Choosing the Right Camping Site Tips for choosing the best camping site in Rishikesh Use Google My Business to read reviews, check facilities, and get directions.








People Also Asking About Rafting Rishikesh

    Ans. Choose a camp first, then call us to check availability. After that, you have to deposit a partial advance amount in the given account. Then we will provide you the booking voucher. You will have to travel with it.



    Ans. The peak season for camps in Rishikesh is between the months of starting March to last June and fully season September to June. This is the peak season to enjoy all the adventure activities in Rishikesh. To make a full trip, avoid camping in the rainy season.


    Ans. Yes, its lawfully permitted to camps in Rishikesh. Thanks to some issues regarding pollution, Beach camping in Rishikesh was banned in 2015. However, other types of camping are going on. Currently, Rishikesh has many beautiful camping sites that provide an excellent experience to the tourists. Some popular camping destinations of the destination include -� Shivpuri, Bayasi, Kaudiyala, Ghaut-Ghat, Mohanchatti, Tapovan, Marine Drive, and Katya. Rishikesh kinds of camping are - Beach Camping, Jungle Camping, Luxury Camping, and Deluxe Camping.