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camping in rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh Shivpuri offers a unique and beautiful stay near the Holy River Ganges. We have tents and camp facilities. This tent was designed to make your stay memorable and enjoyable. Each tent comes with two beds. These tents are found in the Beach Rafting/Riverside Camp Tents. They include Marine Drive Beach Camps, Shivpuri Beach Camps, Brahmpuri Beach Camps, Jungle Camps, Luxury Jungle Camps, Devprayag Camps, School Summer Camps, and Shivpuri Beach Camps. Delicious and nutritious food is prepared and served hot in the tent's kitchen. The tents are close to the Ganges, so no electricity is available. There will, however, be lanterns. This is an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy adventure and excitement.

Rishikesh Camping Prices

1 Night Package starts at Rs.700 per Head. This package includes three meals, morning tea, dinner, breakfast, an evening bonfire, music, and other games. The cost of an overnight camp stay depends on its category. Luxury Camps start at 1200 Heads and go up to 2000 Heads.

Below is a list of prices for different categories:

Camp Package Price
Budget Camps in Rishikesh Rs 800 per Head
Rishikesh Luxury Camping Rs 1200 per head
Rishikesh Camping River side Rs 1100 per head
Budget Shivpuri Camping Rafting with Zip line Rs, 2800 per head
Rishikesh Camping and Rafting Rs 1400 per head
Cottage in Rishikesh Rs 1800 per head

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Inclusion for Shivpuri Camping Packages

The package includes a variety of adventure sports in Rishikesh, including camping, bungee jumping and river rafting. Based on their facilities, we have divided Rishikesh's campsites into various categories. Camp Nature View offers luxury and budget cottages at all types of campsites


  • Night Stay in Cottage or Camp (Double and Triple, quad or six Sharing).
  • Lunch Buffet Veg.
  • Dinner Buffet Veg./Non-Veg.
  • Breakfast Buffet.
  • Evening snacks, veg.
  • Sports like volleyball, & badminton
  • Riverside visit (Ganga Beach)
  • Evening, Morning & Tea
  • Common Campfire/Bonfire in the evening
  • Enjoy light music until 10 pm.
  • The cooler, inside and outside tent/cottage.
  • In some Camps/Cottages, a Swimming Pool is available.


  • Any transfer drop-off and pick-up for adventure sports.
  • All personal expenses.
  • All types of travel insurance.
  • Anything not included in the cost inclusion list

Rishikesh, India's most popular adventure sports destination, offers a variety of activities and unforgettable moments under the shadow of the high mountains. Rishikesh offers unforgettable adventure sports and rafting experiences that will leave you with a happy feeling about living it.


Type of Rishikesh Camping

Shivpuri is a stunning campsite in Rishikesh that faces the holy Ganges. It's also located in the middle of a tranquil mountain range. This makes it one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the Great Himalayan Range.

These are the best Camping and Cottages for meditation, relaxation, and adventure in Shivpuri.

Camp Nature View :- Budget Camping

camp nature view
  • View the Route Map of Camp Nature View: Camping at Rishikesh
  • Camp Address: Badal Shivpuri, Rishikesh
  • Telephone number: 9045664005.
  • Adventure Activities: Rafting/Kayaking/Camping/Zipline/rope activity, among others.
  • Camp starting price: Rs 700 per head

Camp Nature View Shivpuri offers the best in Camp Nature View Shivpuri and the most affordable services and facilities for visitors.

You can learn new skills while on your adventure sports activities at this camp. The sunset at this camp has a beautiful view. You can capture it in your bedroom. Spending a few minutes in the natural surroundings will give you a boost to your running.


Jungle camps Rishikesh :- River side camp

camp hill queen


  • Camp Location: Ghattu ghat, Mohan chatti, Shivpuri.
  • Adventure Activities: Rafting /Kayaking / Camping / Zip line /rope activity and many more.
  • Starting price of camp: Rs 700 per head.

Jungle camps in Rishikesh has tented accommodation on a twin-sharing basis. In the jungle camps, you can find sufficient space, for your recreational activities. Jungle camps are situated far from the riverside inside the jungle area, jungle camps are well decorated and well-located camps.

Beach Camp in Rishikesh

Beach Camp in Rishikesh
  • Camp Nature View: Camp Shivpuri, Rishikesh
  • Camp Address: Badal Shivpuri, Rishikesh
  • Telephone number: 9045664005.
  • Adventure Activities: Rafting/Kayaking/Camping/Zipline/rope activity, among others.
  • Camp starting price: Rs 700 per head

Camp Nature View Shivpuri is the best choice, as it offers all amenities and services at an affordable cost.

You can learn new skills at camp and make your experience memorable. The sunsets and sunrises at the camp are spectacular, and you can capture them in your bedroom. Spending a few minutes in nature can boost your running.


Luxury Cottages at Rishikesh Shivpuri

Luxury Cottages at Rishikesh Shivpuri
  • Camp Nature View: Camp Shivpuri, Rishikesh
  • Camp Address: Badal Shivpuri, Rishikesh
  • Telephone number: 9045664005.
  • Adventure Activities: Rafting/Kayaking/Camping/Zipline/rope activity, among others.
  • Camp starting price: Rs 700 per head

Luxurious camping is an excellent choice for those who want adventure and luxury. Luxury camping is a great choice for families on holiday or for individuals who want to experience luxury camping. You can feel the familiarity of your own home here.

The best time for Rishikesh camping

The best time for Rishikesh camping
Depending on your interests and the kind of experience you would like to have, there are several times in a year when you can go camps in Rishikesh. For your help in making a decision, the seasons are as follows: Spring (March – April):

The spring season is an ideal period for camping at Rishikesh. Consequently, they have average temperatures from 15°C- 30°C (59°F-86°F), which characterize moderate climatic conditions for them. After winter’s rain falls, the area becomes green and is filled with grasses all over giving you a beautiful background for your camping.

Summer: May – June

During summer holidays it is very crowded in Rishikesh. Days here can get up to 40°C (104°F). However, nights tend to be cool making this time ideal for camping. In particular May is characterized by large number of visitors.

Monsoon Season (July–September):

Camping may not be advisable during the monsoons as heavy rainfall occurs which may make it dirty and waterlogged due to swift currents in rivers. If you love green landscapes and don’t mind getting wet, this can be a unique option.

Autumn takes place between October and November:

Another good time for going on camping is during autumn. Day time maximums and minimums range between 10°C to 25°C (50°F -77°F).The river is often quieter and the scenery is more colourful after the monsoon, making for a peaceful camping experience.

Winter: January to February

In Rishikesh, winter may be quite cold, particularly in the evenings and early mornings. The range of daytime temperatures is 5°C to 20°C (41°F to 68°F). Winter might be a terrific season to go camping if you like the cooler weather and want to have the place to yourself. To remain warm by the campfire, simply bring along a few extra clothing.

All things considered, spring and fall are the ideal seasons for camps in Rishikesh because of the great weather and stunning scenery. However, summer might also be a good choice if you want better weather and don't mind crowds. Prior to making travel plans, always confirm the operating season and weather forecast for the particular campground.

Camping in Shivpuri , Uttarakhand

wondrous camp Rishikesh:- camping and rafting in Rishikesh shivpuri:- roller coaster camp Rishikesh

Camps in Rishikesh for couples :-

Camps in Rishikesh for couples
The experience of Rishikesh camps is a romantic and thrilling one for a couple. Here is how to make your camping trip the most magical ever:

Choose a Private camp:

If you want a more intimate time, go for private camping. There are riverside campsites that offer privacy allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature away from the noise of cities.

Romance on Riverside:

Find yourself a campground which is located right next to Ganges. A peaceful view can create beautiful memories and waking up to the sounds of river flowing may be magical. Some campers provide secluded areas by the riverbed for more intimacy.

Dinner around the Campfire with Lit Candles:

To avoid this, check if there will be candlelight dinners at the campsite. Enjoy a warm evening by the fire as calm sounds of nature break over you and watch stars glow above you. It’s an ideal place for outdoor dinner that’s special beneath twinkling skies.

Together in an Adventure:

Play some adventure games together. There are many camps that also have activities like hiking, white-water rafting and nature walks besides camping itself. You could discuss these happenings to deepen your bond and make it even more enjoyable.

Stargazing Meetings:

Take advantage of clear nights filled with stars if you are camping far away from city lights.Take a blanket, spread out and look up at the starry sky. Also, some camps organize professional stargazing activities to make it more romantic and informative.


Rishikesh is known for being spiritual town. Try beginning your day with some yoga together next to the river. It is just a calm way of bonding with each other and nature as well as good exercise.

Carpe Diem Moments:

Remember to carry a camera or use your phone to record these unique moments. These photos will remind you of this special camping experience when you take them either during a candid moment next to the tent or during an early morning walk before sunrise.

Cozy Accommodations:

Make sure couples can find cosy accommodation options within campgrounds. You will find that certain sites have such differently styled tents which are fitted with double beds and separate conveniences, thus making it even more homey and romantic.

Always ensure that the amenities as well as services provided by the camping site are fit for a couple’s romantic getaway. Camps in Rishikesh area for two can be extremely wonderful whether one wants fun, relaxed pace or both at once.




Beach Camps in Rishikesh

Beach Camps in Rishikesh
It's important to take into account that Rishikesh is located on the banks of the Ganges River, and the word "seaside tenting" can be greater frequently related with coastal areas if that's what you are mainly looking for. Still, the Ganges River does include sandy riverbanks that the locals name "beaches." What to count on from "seaside tenting" in Rishikesh is as follows:

Riverside Campsites:

A lot of Rishikesh's tenting spots are located along the Ganges' sandy banks, giving site visitors a seaside-like ecosystem. These campgrounds regularly offer a calm and cute setting with the river softly jogging beside.

Sandy Flexes:

Particularly within the dry season, there may be sandy sections of Rishikesh's riverbanks that mimic seashores. You can also still take in the sandy surrounds and cool Ganges waters even though this seaside isn't your regular beach getaway with waves.

Views of the sundown:

Camping by way of the riverside in Rishikesh gives a completely unique revel in as you could see lovely sunsets over the water. Right from your campsite, you could take in this fascinating photograph as the serene waters replicate the transferring colorings of the sky.

Blazes with the aid of the river:

Numerous campers have bonfires next to waterways. Picture your self lounging at the sandbar, playing the warmth of a roaring fire whilst sitting outdoor in the open sky. It's the proper surroundings for telling memories or simply spending time with pals and circle of relatives.

Activities in Water:

Although regular beach activities might not be to be had when seaside tenting in Rishikesh, you may still experience water sports activities like white-water rafting. The campgrounds regularly offer programs for rafting, so you may additionally enjoy the exhilaration of the Ganges.

Nature Retreat:

Relax and set up a reference to the encircling natural environment by way of staying at the seaside in Rishikesh. Your tenting experience is complemented through the non violent sounds of the river and rustling foliage.

Be certain to ask the camp organisers approximately the utilities offered, the sports on provide, and the campsite's unique characteristics whilst you are establishing your seaside camping ride in Rishikesh. Camping at the beach in Rishikesh is a completely unique and unforgettable enjoy due to the way it combines spirituality, journey, and environment.



Rishikesh Camping Package

Rishikesh Camping Take benefit of our Rishikesh Riverside Camping Package to set out on an great journey. This package, that is perfectly located along the Ganges River's banks, combines journey, relaxation, and the brilliant outdoors. Take in the peace and quiet of the environment, partake in exhilarating sports, and make lifelong memories out of doors beneath the open sky.


Take a snooze in comfortable, roomy tents with perspectives of the river. Our snug tents are supplied with all the necessities for a snug stay in the center of the outside.

Camping Duration:

Select from more than a few packages consistent with the duration of time you'll need to spend tenting. Whether you are contemplating taking a long weekend experience or a short weekend destroy, we've got answers to fit your time table.


Savour mouthwatering, freshly made meals even as travelling. To fulfill a extensive variety of palates, our campground serves a mixture of continental and local food. If unique dietary requirements are acknowledged in advance, they can be met.

Adventure-Based Activities:

Take a white-water rafting trip on the Ganges with knowledgeable operators. A thrilling whitewater rafting revel in catered on your skill degree is protected inside the bundle. There also are different opportunities for journey, such rock climbing and hiking.

Musical bonfire in the night:

Relax with a campfire within the nighttime close to the river. Enjoy live music, tell memories, and lose yourself within the enchanted surroundings that the crackling fire and calming sounds of the river create.

Yoga and Meditation:

Take a revitalising yoga magnificence by means of the river to begin your day. Through guided meditation, you may experience the tranquilly of Rishikesh and expand a more potent bond with the natural global.

Stargazing Session:

Spend some time stargazing to realize Rishikesh's heavenly splendour. The night time sky will be explained by using our informed experts, making it an unforgettable and instructive experience.

Cultural Digression:

Visit the neighbouring villages and temples to examine greater about the neighborhood way of lifestyles. Experience Rishikesh's spiritual ambiance and take in the colourful customs of the region.

Included within the bundle:

Staying in tents by means of the river
every meal (lunch, supper, and morning)
escorted white-water rafting adventure
Nighttime bonfire with stay tune
Yoga and meditation sessions in the morning
a stargazing revel in led via professionals
cultural day trip to adjacent websites

Extras which can be elective:

Extra adventurous hobbies like rock climbing and trekking
periods of images
Spa and well being methods

Booking and Cost: Please get in contact with our reservations team of workers with any questions you could have about availability, booking, and particular charges. Early reservations and organization bookings can also qualify for further financial savings.


Rishikesh luxury camping :-

Are you organized to take tenting to a totally new level? For folks who want to revel in the excitement of nature without sacrificing comfort, we've our Rishikesh Luxury Camping bundle. This particular package, tucked away in the foothills of the Himalayas, affords the appropriate stability of luxurious and exploration.


Our roomy and costly tents will permit you to completely immerse yourself in luxurious. With its highly-priced beds, warm interiors, and separate sit down-out sections, each tent offers you a chilled haven in the center of the outside.

Fine Dining:

Savour a gastronomic exploration with our excellent dining offerings. Our talented cooks create a menu that mixes nearby specialties with meals from the world over to guarantee a remarkable eating revel in. With grace, special nutritional needs are fulfilled.

Tailored Services:

A dedicated camp concierge will provide you with individualised offerings. Our body of workers is devoted to assembly all of your desires in order that your stay is seamless and unforgettable.

Experimentation with Style:

Take part in exhilarating reports without sacrificing luxurious. Savour private trekking tours, escorted white-water rafting excursions, and customised outdoor activities below the direction of informed professionals.

Wellness and Spa:

Take benefit of our distinct spa and well-being remedies to rejuvenate your frame and thoughts. Savour well-being services and massages which are supposed to help you unwind and revitalise, all while taking in the serene Ganges River surroundings.Unique Dining Experiences: Savour a meal beneath the stars with our in particular designed riverbank eating alternatives. Our group makes certain that your culinary moments take area in a mind-blowing environment, whether it's a personal birthday celebration or a romantic supper for 2.

Cultural Immersion:

Under the professional guidance of our experienced hosts, immerse yourself inside the colourful neighborhood tradition of Rishikesh with specially deliberate journeys to nearby web sites. Discover the religious essence of the place, interact with the population, and visit adjoining temples.

Included inside the package deal:

opulent tent hotels with non-public facilities
gourmand food (lunch, supper, and breakfast)
white-water rafting with a guide and customised classes
Tailored adventures and reviews
Spa and well being methods
extraordinary meal events
explorations into subculture led by means of informed courses

Booking and Cost:

Please get in touch with our bookings team of workers for information on our Luxury Camping package deal's availability and particular price. Enhance your camping ride and make recollections that combine Rishikesh's unadulterated splendor with luxury.

In Rishikesh, luxurious and journey combine to provide an unequalled retreat! ����️

Rishikesh Camp booking

It's clean to order a tent in Rishikesh, and I'm here to assist! If you follow these commands, you may be equipped for an excellent tenting ride: Select Your Location:

Choose if you want to camp at Khirshu, Shivpuri, Byasi, Kaudiyala, or Marine Drive in Rishikesh. Each has a awesome attraction of its personal, so decide whether you need journey, peace, or a combination of the two.

Examine Your Camp Options:

Examine some special campgrounds within the vicinity of your desire. Numerous web sites and systems exist that collect camping opportunities. Look at pics, read evaluations, and choose a camp that speaks to you.

Get in contact with the camp organisers:

After you have selected some alternatives, get in contact with the camp organisers. Contact facts is available on most camps' websites. For information on availability, services, and any one-of-a-kind applications they may have, send them an e mail or supply them a call.

Raise Appropriate Questions:

Find out the whole lot you require, including safety precautions, extra charges, and what is protected inside the package deal (tents, food, and sports). Just in case, don't be afraid to investigate approximately their cancellation coverage as well.

Confirm the group length and dates:

Decide on the dates and the whole number of attendees. This makes it easier for the organisers to make certain your institution may have enough room and components.

Confirmation and Payment:

It's time to send in the cash after you're satisfied with the specifics. The majority of camps will take delivery of payments on-line. You have to obtain a affirmation after the transaction, along with any statistics that's needed approximately your live.

Think Before You Pack:

Now which you have a reservation for your camp, make your packing list. You may also need malicious program repellant, sunscreen, warm garb, and, of route, a spirit of adventure, depending on the season!

Arrival Instructions:

Ensure you have got clean instructions on a way to get to the campground before you depart. While some camps can also need you to make your very own travel preparations, others may provide transportation from Rishikesh. You might not experience final-minute fear when you have specific instructions.

Recall that cautious instruction and effective communique are important for a fantastic tenting journey. Book that camp in Rishikesh now; amusing is waiting! ✨


Camping Spots near ganga

There are several great camping locations in Rishikesh in which you can awaken to the tranquil sounds of the Ganges and the surrounding geographical region. Here's a quick guide on tenting near the Ganga in Rishikesh:


A nicely-appreciated region for Gangesside tenting, Shivpuri is around 16 km from Rishikesh. This campground gives the proper stability of luxury and natural surroundings.
Amid verdant surroundings, awaken to the murmur of the river. To make your tenting journey precise, numerous campgrounds host events like stargazing and bonfires.


Byasi, round thirty km from Rishikesh, is every other lovable place to camp. Beautiful views of the Ganges and the encompassing hills can be visible from the riverbank encampment.
Adventure seekers will love camping in Byasi because it offers exciting sports like river rafting and hiking.


Kaudiyala is an extremely good alternative for humans looking for a extra non-public camping enjoy; it's just 36 km from Rishikesh. Encircled via dense woodlands, the campgrounds provide a tranquil putting.
The Ganges provides a tremendous backdrop on your camping experience because it flows with all of its may. It's the right place to break out the strain of normal existence.

Marine Drive:

Marine Drive, as its name implies, is placed around 27 km from Rishikesh, just along the Ganges. You might also camp here and take in the stunning herbal environment even as being near the activity at the river.
Marine Drive campgrounds regularly include lots of aquatic sports, such as kayaking and rafting, to beautify your camping journey.





FAQ About 40 % off on River Side Camping in Rishikesh Price


    Rishikesh Camping Packages start at Rs 1099, and can go up to Rs 2500 per person depending on the activities and campsites you choose.


    Camping is allowed in Rishikesh


    Camping is a great option if you're looking for Rishikesh adventure with friends. The staff at a specific hotel or campsite will clean and disinfect the accommodation to ensure safety and security.



    Rishikesh is blessed with the soothing power of Maa Ganga and the magnificent Garhwal Himalayas. Camping is possible in Rishikesh throughout the year


    The city is open all year due to its pleasant climate. There are two options for trips to Rishikesh. You can also plan a 2-day trip and spend 4 to 5 days there to enjoy activities like yoga, bungee jumping and cafe hopping.

    Because Rishikesh, according to Hindu Mythology, is an important pilgrimage centre of India, the town is dry in terms of alcohol. Alcohol is prohibited in public places. It is also not permitted to be consumed in cafes or restaurants.
    For evenings, a jacket is recommended. 2) Wear comfortable clothing for river rafting, such as T-shirts and shorts. 24 Jan 2020
    There are many opportunities to explore the city of Uttarakhand and also for adventure and cultural exploration. Nightlife in Rishikesh is another excellent aspect of this charming city. Rishikesh, also known as the Gateway of the Garhwal Himalayas, is surrounded by the Shivalik Range in the lower Himalayas.
    Rishikesh: Where can you stay for free? Rishikesh has a few ashrams which offer free accommodation. 17-May-2022

    October to Februar: This is Rishikesh's winter season. The average temperature in these months is between 19 and 27 degrees Celsius. This season, despite the slight chill, is perfect for rafting. Many tourists visit Rishikesh during this period.

    Rishikesh, a vegetarian city, has no other non-vegetarian food. More than a year ago. According to the city ordinance, Rishikesh restaurants are all vegetarian.