Camping and Rock Climbing in Rishikesh

Rock Climbing in Rishikesh

rock climbing and rappelling in rishikesh:

Rock Climbing Activity

Rock Climbing / Mountaineering are a breathtaking sport that lets you face challenges at every step you move ahead. The shivpuri is the best place for those who are fearless while enjoying mountaineering or any kind of adventures activity. If, you want to satisfy your hunger of mountaineering or rock climbing shivpuri (Rishikesh) is waiting for test you.

Rock Climbing Tips:

Rock Climbing is not appropriate for everyone as it needs tolerance and support or encouragement. When you start rock climbing you select the ideal target on the behalf of your stamina and strength. Thousands of travellers come every year to enjoy this adventures thrill. You should take the session before rock climbing in which you will learn the technique of this adventures sport. In rock climbing you have to strong mentally and physically.

We have a large number of group who specialise in adventures sport like rock climbing; they guide and teach you to make this adventures fun.

rock climbing in rishikesh
Adventurous Activities:

At Rishikesh one can enjoy various adventurous activities like river crossing, rappelling, rock climbing, valley crossing, cliff jumping, kayaking, biking, trekking many more.

River Rafting in Rishikesh Price
Rafting Starting PointsDistancePrice
Shivpuri to Ramjhula16 Km₹ 1000
Marine Drive to Shivpuri10 Km₹ 600
Marine Drive to Ramjhula25 Km₹ 1500
Barahampuri to Ramjhula9 Km₹ 600
Rock Climbing in Rishikesh